Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Excatly Life Is?

I was watching this video of OSHO where he speaks about Life. It is an amazing video provides an amazing insight. He says "Life is neither meaningful nor meaningless. Life is what you make of it. What music, what color, what dance you give to it. Life is a creative challenge and its good that it has got no fixed meaning otherwise there would be no challenge. Then it would just a ready made things. You are born and a fixed meaning is given to you. Existence is more than a meaning. It allows you all the space you need and you think its empty. Empty is a sad word. It seems something is missing. Why call it empty and why expect something would be there. Who are u to decide. Give it a right name. It should be called spaciousness, uncluttered with anything. It allows you to the absolute freedom to be whatever you want. It allows you unhindered space to grow.  It doesn't impose anything on you".

Its a worth watching video 

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