Thursday, June 24, 2010

Raavan - A few insights

I watched Raavan last week. I wanted to write a post on it since the time I watched, I know a lot of people would curse and disown me after the post as I have found none who has liked the movie.

Movie starts with mesmerising cinematography and for some time you indulge in the beauty of nature and the way the camera man has shot the starting scenes. Abhishek bacchan is improving day by day in terms of his acting skills but still some more was expected from him in this movie other than applying "Haldi" and "Keeched" on his face. But his overall performance was good.

Now let us talk about about the Insights of the movie. As the character Raavan has been a negative one in the holy book "Rmayan" the movie is of the same story but only the background has changed. Its a mordern Ramayan rest all is same. Now as we approach toward the movie and
  • The Raavan falls in love with Sita and for the first time he feels weak. But unlike the original story Ramayan Sita also develops feeling for this evil character. Since she is loyal to her husband she holds her emotions back.  
  • The turning point of the movie is when Raavan doesn't kill Raam because he is in love with Sita and let him go and take away the girl. Still when Raam meets Sita , he is not happy about the fact that he got his girl back but his "Ego" of not being able to kill Raavan hurts him.
  • Even while going back Raam is suspicious if Raavan has done something with Sita in those long 14 days. Sita gets disgusted and goes back to Raavan and Raavan without asking a single question accepts her which surprises her and make her realise his love for her.
  • But it actually was a "Jaal" set by Raam to get Raavan and ultimately he kills Raavan.
  • So to conclude "Only a person like Raavan can love some passionately because he doesnt care about other people and accepts her the way she is whithout any question on the other hand someone like Raam who lives according to public opinion. Someone who is a people's person and lives according to the people cant accept someone unconditionally and love unconditionally.
  • Ram as he was in Ramayan as well in the movie is helpless in front the power of Raavan. 
  • As we watch the movie its not only Raavan who has Ego but Raam also has ego and the fact that he couldnt kill Raavan (In the movie) hurts him.
  • In the Movie Raavan keep his love above his ego (As he doesnt kill Sita and let Raam go unhurt) while Raam keeps his Ego above his love for Sita (As he was'nt happy to get Sita back but sad that he could'nt kill Raavan).
People might not have liked the movie but I found a few things out of it so ya Mani sir thanks for a lovely Movie and amazing music. People your comments are welcome as it will only broaden our way of thinking. And for the people who are hurt on my comments on the holy book and the charaters in the book I just want to say only one thing --"Question things dont just accept them coz only the qurious mind can reach the ultimate truth"

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I feel ashamed, angry, disappointed, irritated, sad, miserable when I come across news like:-

  • 74 CRPF Jawans killed in an attack in Jharkandh. They were a victim of planned attack. Jawans were surrounded and were shot by naxalities. They were helpless, they were not trained for this kind of mishap, they didn't have proper modern weapons, they even lack the bullet proof jackets.
  • Over 100 die as naxal derails Kol- Mumbai express. Most of them were women and children.

Every time I come across these kind of news it impels me to think that are we living in a civic society?  I know the naxalities sitting over there reading my blog would say its easy to talk in an AC room but dude this is not a revolution its terrorism. Killing your own country men, killing innocent people cant be revolution and for sure it cant be a solution of your problem.

Now the question is not of solution anymore. It has become their business. They are getting funds from sources we cant even think. They are importing weapons from Bangladesh, Pakistan, they have got better arms and ammunition than our CRPF, they are well trained.

I feel ashamed because I have elected this government, we have elected this government who lacks the will power to fight against these internal terrorists.The worst part is when it comes to reservation and other minor issues these people will make so much of fuss out of it but when our soldiers are being killed by their own country men nobody bothers to discuss it and do something about.

Don't we have enough soldiers to wipe out this termite which is eating the peace and integrity of the country. But I guess the real problem is the "Political will power" of our politicians.

Don't know what to do about it but still I feel ...ashamed.....sad....disappointed......