Tuesday, June 7, 2011

White is Boring....Gray is Interesting....

Colors are important part of our life. Colors signify moods, expressions, and feeling. They make our life interesting.

White not only is the color of purity…..peace but of, clarity, normality …or I would say it’s boring….
On the other hand Gray is shady, unclear, mysterious….some thing hidden….

The same concept applies to people. Why we are attracted towards the gray shaded character in a movie or real life. Why a gray character has an aura which a normal –white hero doesn’t have..

Let me give you more examples of gray. Krishna in his entire life was gray character,  Amitabh bacchan in Sharabi and Sholay. Although Amitabh and Dharmendra  were heros in the movie Sholay but in the end they were nothing but thugs. Harry Potter.  These were the charters which were liked by everyone because there is mystery involved. 

So what are the reasons why we like these characters and what makes these characters more interesting::-

  • These characters are very daring in life. You need a lot of courage to behave and do things in life the way they do. Can you afford to have the attitude of Amitabh Bacchan in Sharbi? We all wish to have that kind of courage or daring at some point of time in life. That’s the charm of if, something we don’t have and we lounge for is always attractive
  • These characters don’t follow societal norms. They don’t follow any rules and regulation laid by society. We always have the hidden, unconscious desire to break out and not follow these norms as well. These rules are not natural they are laid by people living in the society. We are forced to follow the pattern. That’s the reason why we are attracted towards the gray shade and have that unfulfilled desire to be like them
  • These characters are versatile, spontaneous in life. They don’t get up in the morning and go to office. They do not follow any pattern. Pattern is boring it’s monotonous. They just go with the flow and enjoy. And that’s all we wish to do but unfortunately cant. There lies the charm.
  • These characters are mysterious. Their life is not like an open book where we can predict their actions. In entire Mahabharata nobody could predict what would be the next move of Krishna. That’s what makes them interesting and impels us to find out more about them and follow them.
  • These characters have got mass appeal. Hitler is the biggest example. This gray shaded character impelled entire Germany to die for him.
    Let me tell you a story 
    In a village Ramlila used to be staged every year during Diwali. Every year same story, same people playing same characters. Now how many times can you see the same old play again and again and again. People get bored of same old stuff. Most of the people sleep during these Ramlila. But this time the difference was that the Character of Hunaman was played by the most dangerous wrestler of the village and Sita was played by a Young girl. Apparently these both were having an affair and the girl was not allowed to meet the wrestler. Now everything was going fine till the entry of Hanuman and when Hanuman goes to find Sita. So this wrestler when meets sita in Lanka he just forgets the character he is playing and shout loudly “ Radha your parents can no longer stop you from meeting me. Let me see today who dares to stop me from marrying you, come lets go…Ill burn this entire show….and instead of buring Lanka he burns the entire stage. People who were sleeping till this scene suddenly were wide awake…and seemed to started enjoying the show. 
    That’s why I say White is boring…and Gray is interesting…… ….