Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's You

There's always something 

In the way 
There's always something 
Getting through 
But it's not me 
it's You 

Sometime's ignorance 
Rings true 
But hope is not in 
What I know 
Not in me 
It's in You 

It's all I know 

And I find peace 
When I'm confused 
I find hope when 
I'm let down 
Not in me 
But in You 

I hope to lose myself 
For good 
I hope to find it in the end 
Not in me 
It's You 
It's all I know 

You Video

Growing Old ....Life@ 26

I would turn 26 on this 15th and i was wondering "My god i would be 26". Thats old in quantitative sense at least but then i though do i really feel like 26? But i really do not how one must feel at 26. I feel the same as i used to feel when i was 20,21...and so on. So what does has changed in these years ? I guess the way i see things, my priorities my aim and some thing which did not change is my behavior, attitude and and a lot of things.
Then i come across this question that time is flying and what is this life all about ? How one live his/her life?

This year i really would try to figure out what life is all about and what am i doing to make it happening for me as well as for my loved ones.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year ....New Hopes

 New Year ...New Hopes this is my tag line for this year 2010. 2009 passed with a lot of fun, disappointment, happiness or can say it was kind of mixed in term of what I achieved and where I failed. May be failures were a bit of more in numbers and impact. But i still look forward for this new year.

My 10 Resolution for 2010 :-

1. Stop S****
2. Settle down in terms of career and job
3. Learn Guitar
4. Improve in personal relationship and as a person
5. Be Honest in whatever i do
6. Start Excercising
7. Start Meditating
8. Take care of my Finance and start investing
9. Talk to my parents about ****
10.Learn something new ( I don't know as of now, what new thing)