Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Her Wild Side

Do not get me wrong with the title of the post. Its not the wildness you are thinking about. I was reading this article on Sunday Times titled "Her Wild Side". Article would smile initially but it would also make you think. The article describe that How today's world is changing the very nature of a woman. She is getting more wild, violent and her patience is dwindling.  Some text from the article "Delhi, and he narrates how he was traumatised by his wife after she discovered he had one kidney. “She threw me out of my own house. Men in our country don’t cry and certainly never get beaten,” says the engineer, who works for an MNC in Bangalore."

The article explains how violent women are getting. They are throwing things at men, hitting them, making their life worse then hell and on top of it if a man hit her back there are different laws which she can use against him. But I am not criticizing women but my point is "What is the reason which is changing the nature of females"  

The article explains "But what makes women the perpetrators of domestic violence? Today’s woman is fighting on so many fronts — at office, she has to be a know-it-all and as good as the guys if not better and fight twice as hard to prove it; while socialising, she has to be modern and with it and then with in-laws and family she has to meet the role of traditional bahu and homemaker. So, the pressure cooker is bound to burst... and it does!" 

Read out the complete article here:-  Her Wild Side 

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