Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Damn your opinion Mamta

One one hand Mamta at a rally in Lalgargh claims Naxal leader Azad's death as murder and him as Shaid. On other hand our Home minister P Chidambaram says that "no one should support Maoists and the Government will not encourage anybody who does so". The irony is Mamata is one of the allies of UPA. My anger is over the fact is that why the hell are we selecting these kind of politicians. May be Mamta wants to make sure that this is her best chance to win the State election and would finally be able to dethrone the "Red Jhanda" and Lalgarh has majority of Naxal population so she cannot win the area without their support. Mamata is working as a worst railway minister ever then what is the gaurantee the she will be able to prove herself as a good chief minister when the means she is taking to get "The Gaddi" are wrong. Damn you Mamta for supporting Naxals.

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