Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Political Conspiracies

A few incidents again provoked me to write or should I say a few news prompted me to write.

  • First news:- Digvijay Singh releases the book Aziz Burney, Editor in chief of Urdu Sahara News. He took the opportunity not only to release the book but also to slam  RSS for their unknown role in the 26/11 attack in Mumbai.

It's not new. Congress holds the record for more than 100 years of appeasing Indian muslims by one or the other way. The party ruled the country for more than 60 years using the same strategy. But what a pity! The condition of the Muslim community has not improved by any means. They still have the lowest literacy rates and their economic condition is the worst as compared to other communities in the country.  And now Mr. Digvijay's plan to link the 26/11 attack to RSS and highlight how RSS was a threat to ATF chief Hemant Karkare has proved it again. I would only say 'Shame on you Congress' for doing this to the country and I feel so sorry that my Muslim brothers and sisters are being fooled by them.

Link to the story

  • Second News:- Statue of "Dadoji Konddeo" removed in Pune by Pune Municipal Corporation Shiv Sena go on rampage.
Now this too is not new to us as Shiv Sena and now MNS just look out for some kind of issue which they would blow out of proportion to get political mileage. Nobody had looked at the issue logically.  Why did PMC removed the statue in the first place. I mean nobody has the patience to sit and think and find out the real reason but they are ready to engulf the entire city in violence and bandh. The funny part is that congress  was doing some dharna apparently called Non- violence dharna at the same time. Pity these fellas.

Link to the story 

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