Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Growing Old ....Life@ 26

I would turn 26 on this 15th and i was wondering "My god i would be 26". Thats old in quantitative sense at least but then i though do i really feel like 26? But i really do not how one must feel at 26. I feel the same as i used to feel when i was 20,21...and so on. So what does has changed in these years ? I guess the way i see things, my priorities my aim and some thing which did not change is my behavior, attitude and and a lot of things.
Then i come across this question that time is flying and what is this life all about ? How one live his/her life?

This year i really would try to figure out what life is all about and what am i doing to make it happening for me as well as for my loved ones.

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